Award Nominations
Vertical indirect lamp

Brand Name:广州平田工艺品有限公司

Design Company Name:广州平田工艺品有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-06-1138096

The product is a kind of indirect and protective lighting device specially designed for TV walls, computer workbench and corners in rooms. The design is mainly aimed to realize some double effects of protecting eyesight and creating atmosphere by providing some gentle and even indirect light after being reflected by the walls, thus effectively preventing direct illumination by light source into human eye. The product is made of warm solid wood and aluminum alloy, which displays a perfect combination of natural aesthetics and modern technology. Well, it has a three-legged vertical structure and can be dissembled, with the light emitting stick fixed on the base. The device can be adjusted in different directions, and it has a curved, smooth, delicate, simple and harmonious appearance. To meet the needs in different situations, the model has three types of specifications, namely, small size table lamp, large size table lamp and floor lamp. It uses linear LED, and requires 12V power supply, constant voltage and direct current to ensure the product functions safely and steadily. It has a standard controller, a wireless 2.4G remote control module, with distance light and color adjustment functions. According to customer’s needs, it can be updated at any time to RGB colorful light source and mobile WIFI control.