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Brand Name:通号轨道车辆有限公司

Design Company Name:通号轨道车辆有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Transportation Means

Entry ID:2020-06-2390375

Xiong'an New Area has obvious regional advantages, excellent ecological environment, and has many high-end positionings such as Beijing's non-capital functional bearing place, "no waste city" construction special area and so on. Under this background, The Xiong'an tramcar project will be designed with the theme of "HARMONY". On the aesthetic level, it integrates the local multi-dimensional elements of Xiong'an -- water flow, plants and animals, culture and natural features, etc., to symbiosis with the urban ecological environment. Secondly, at the level of social functions, the development of Xiong'an City is assisted by the trinity transportation project of tram, line and station, and it coexists with the modernization process of the city. The "HARMONY" transportation project can provide more convenient road public transportation within the scope of the start area of the Xiongan New District, and assist the city to shape the community hub project. During the journey, the train will be perfectly integrated into the urban environment through a special surface reflection material, which will not hinder the original ecological landscape of the city; Each bus stop is a comprehensive hub, integrating transportation, commerce, leisure, sports and other functions; The train route will be covered on the aorta of urban pedestrian flow, combined with trails and bicycle lanes to link various community centers. This not only allows urban residents to quickly switch, freely combine walking, cycling and rail transit to reach their desired destination on the path with the highest travel frequency, but also helps managers to effectively guide the flow of people and vehicles, to various central projects to promote urban economic and cultural development. In addition, the intelligent tram in the "HARMONY" transportation project can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h, and can also undertake functions such as intercity transportation at a longer distance in subsequent planning.