Award Nominations


Design Company Name:KIDS DESIGN LABO

Nationality / Region:日本

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-06-2543784

SQUARE CHAIR is a kid’s chair, made of natural wood and with natural oil finishing. It’s designed by KIDS DESIGN LABO(KDL) with the idea that the things which children experience, see touch and use at the early stage of their lives need to be very well designed. We want children to know and appreciate genuine things. SQUARE CHAIR is designed as a standard product of KDL and its simple design matches any spaces. It has 4 sizes, XS, S, M and L so that children can choose according their growth. We can see many children’s chairs made of melamine and plastic. But these artificial materials are chosen just for adults to clean easily, not for children. Considering children, we think children should touch, feel and know the genuine things in the important early time for their future. So, we use natural wood materials which have good texture and smell, and also those materials give stimulus to develop their body and brain. With this chair, children can enjoy the variability in color and weight. After children use this chair made of natural wood for several years, the color gets aged and dark. In rainy days, children may notice a little change of weight. It’s happened only by the natural wood. This chair can be used for a long time with good maintenance because the stain of the wood can be removed by polishing and painted in natural oil again. It gives children chances to learn how to maintain and make things last.