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Sterilized Band-aids

Brand Name:辽宁石油化工大学艺术设计学院

Design Company Name:辽宁石油化工大学艺术设计学院

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-06-2955694

In case of trauma, the correct way of treatment is to clean the wound, sterilize it and bind it up. In the case of skin trauma, band-aids are used as the first time for the purpose of hemostasis, while important wound disinfection process is ignored. Only in hospitals, such disinfectants as iodophor are used for wound surface treatment. The simple treatment method has potential safety hazards. It is easy for the bacteria on the surface of the wound to invade the subcutaneous tissues through the wound, thus causing further infection, which undoubtedly brings great troubles to our life. SETRILIZED Band-AIDS is a new type of BAND aid, which combines two steps of disinfection and dressing. This band-aid simplifies the process. After opening and folding the package, the wound can be sterilized by extruding disinfectant solution. Meanwhile, the design also increases the priority of use. After disinfection, the band-aid can be extracted and bandaged. Disinfect the wound before dressing it to reduce the risk of further infection. The material is mainly made of plastic and medical absorbency cotton, etc., and the function is highlighted by color contrast. The product is 7cm long, 5cm wide and 0.5cm thick, easy to store and the best choice for home life and travel.