2022 GIDA Instructions for sending shortlisted entries


l  Pre-delivery Preparation:

1.       What should the participants prepare before the entry delivery?

Here are the things you should prepare before the entry delivery:

1)       Download to print the QR code of your entry from the Entry List-Editing-QR code on the GIDA official website.

Note: The QR code is very important; it will be used to check the Entry Information when the delivery box is received by GIDA staff.


2)       Find the A Letter to GIDA Participants Concerning about the Entry Delivery Risks by clicking the Information-Input Delivery Information to download it.


3)       Consult with the international delivery company and search information about customs and other policy that may influence the delivery. Click here to know about “A Guide On Shipping to China”:


l  On delivering:

2.       What should the participants do when delivering?

1)       Download and print the documentA Letter to GIDA Participants Concerning about the Entry Delivery Risks; please sign the document and deliver it with your entry.

2)       Download the QR code and cut it by the dotted line. Stick them according to sample below:


3)       If you need the GIDA staff to help you assemble or adjust your entry, please write down the Instruction of Entry Assembling or other introduction. Then print it and put it inside the box.

4)       Take photos for your entries before delivering in case the objects are lost or damaged during delivery.

l  After Delivery:

1.       What information should the participants input on the website?

1)       After delivering your entries successfully, please log in the website to input the delivery information within 24 hours. The system will be opened from August 15 to October 12, 2022 (Beijing time).


2)       If you need the GIDA staff to assemble or adjust your entries for the Second Evaluation, please write down the instruction or share links on the ‘Note’ part of the “Input Delivery Information”.

2.       On what occasions the entries will be refused to accept by GIDA?

The entries delivered will be refused to accept by GIDA Committee on the following occasions:

1)       Entries aren’t qualified for the Second Evaluation;

2)       Entries arrived after October 14, 2022 (Beijing time);

3)       Entries delivery that require the organizing committee to pay shipping or customs clearance costs.

4)       Entries with seriously damaged packaging;

5)       The entries delivery information hasn’t been input on the website before October 12, 2022 (Beijing time);

6)       Entries without QR code outside the delivery box.

3.  If I want to send a display board instead of a physical one. Please read Description of the third Goldreed Industrial Design Award panel


Receiver information:

Receiver: GavinChen The Secretariat of Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) Committee


Address: No. 29, Lane 3, Yongkang Road, Nanguancun West Street, Rongcheng County, Xiongan New District,China


Post Code: 071000

Telephone: +86 16633392363

Notice: Please copy the Receiver and Address both in English and Chinese on the delivery box.

Please fill in the recipient's email address when sending by post: peiyan@sinoair.com


If you have any question, please feel free to ask us by sending e-mails to service@xidi.org.cn or sending messages to GIDA official Facebook or Linkedin @goldreedaward.