Good Concept Design Award
Blessing Mountain(magnetic levitation incense burner+bluetooth speaker)

Brand Name:白藕、周茜
Bai Ou、Zhou Qian

Design Company Name:白藕、周茜
Bai Ou、Zhou Qian

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Culture and Creativity

Entry ID:2020-01-3066166

The design is intended to create a kind of dynamic living aesthetic products, with the help of magnetic levitation technology, 3D printing technology and Bluetooth speaker technology. When burning incense, the magnetic levitation lifts the incense tray and slowly rotates, the aroma rises from the Ran Ran, and music can be played at the same time. Through the communication between sight and hearing, the ethereal and ethereal traditional cultural emotion is expressed in materialized form, and the functionality, aesthetics and culture in cultural products are integrated into one utensil. The bottom of the three incense sticks is the same, and the design of the incense covers is different, which highlights the feeling of tying while reducing the cost. The design is based on the records of "Penglai, Abbot and Yingzhou" in Records of the Historian: "Penglai is surrounded by a round sea and mountains, and only flying immortals can reach it." Designed as towering mountains, the so-called three peaks are mountains, which show that people cannot reach and only flying immortals can reach. "abbot, the island has dragons and magnificent palaces." It is designed as a gold hollow crystal structure, showing exquisiteness and resplendence. "Yingzhou, spring is like wine, drinking it will make you immortal." The design is in liquid form, which highlights the characteristics of nectar and jade when magnetic suspension rotates, and contains the connotation of yin-yang conversion.