Good Product Design Award
ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit

Brand Name:河北爱其科技有限公司
Hebei AIQI Technology Co., LTD.

Design Company Name:河北爱其科技有限公司
Hebei AIQI Technology Co., LTD.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Culture and Creativity

Entry ID:2020-04-2126873

ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit is an outstanding STEAM educational tool, combining entertainment and tutorials, which even satisfies the demands for robot education and competition. ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit includes a controller, two motors, a servomotor, an infrared football and a variety of different sensors, for example, laser rangefinder, multifunctional optical sensor, posture sensor, geo-magnetic sensor and infrared radar sensor. ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit is compatible with blocks, which allows children to carry to build their own amazing robot with a sophisticated mechanical structure and different functions. It is connected with an APP through Bluetooth to control and design the behavior of the robot to complete desire tasks. ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit solves the problem of applying STEAM Education, programming and technology. ONEBOT Educational Robot Kit adapts the design of simple yet elegant appearance with strong operability.