Award Nominations
XMR275S Small Double Roller

Brand Name:徐工集团工程机械股份有限公司道路机械分公司

Design Company Name:江苏徐工工程机械研究院有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Manufacturing Equipment

Entry ID:2020-06-3058577

Based on the "hexagon" elements, combined with functional requirements and product characteristics, a unique product image is formed. The yellow parts on both sides of the hood buckle the black parts in the middle to strengthen the sense of power and protection of the hood. For the first time, blue is used as the color for getting on and off the car, which is safer and more effective. The stable and tough design style demonstrates the reliability of the product. The spacious operation platform and adjustable seats can satisfy 95% of the people. Two steps up and down steps are more efficient and safe. Operation switches arranged by function and frequency of use are intuitive and easy to operate. The compact machine layout allows the driver to easily observe the working conditions. XMR275S is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly road roller product developed for the international high-end user market with various performance indicators. Lightweight double-roller rollers are mainly used in garden roads, non-motor vehicle lanes, motor vehicle lanes, etc., and are commonly used in small road construction operating environments in developed cities such as Europe and Shanghai. At present, most products in the domestic market are positioned as low-end products that satisfy functions, and high-end products are seized by international brands. The XMR275S light roller has a compact structure and a reasonable layout, and has been comprehensively improved in terms of reliability, human-machine comfort, and operating efficiency.