Good Product Design Award

Brand Name:深圳市汇森无线传输有限公司
Wistation Technology Inc

Design Company Name:深圳市碳六零工业设计有限公司
Shenzhen C60design Co.,Ltd.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Information Processing

Entry ID:2020-06-3024914

WiStation function introduction WiStation greatly realizes the limitation of charging distance, and can achieve charging efficiency of 94% within 0-8 meters. The charging power is 10w. And 8 devices can be connected at the same time, the number of connections will not make the charging efficiency drop. The electronic radiation of this product complies with the national certification standards The first phase of WiStation develops wireless charging applications for mobile phones and drones WiStation Phase 2 develops wireless charging applications for laptops, iPADs, Bluetooth headsets, and smart watches WiStation Phase 3 develops wireless charging applications for automobiles, home appliances, and smart homes The design uses a minimalist design language. The square design language runs through the entire design and is combined in a sheet form, just like a gathering base station from the energy of the stars. At the same time, the metal and plastic in the material form a sharp contrast, both in terms of perception and texture.