Good Product Design Award
Easy cabin

Brand Name:中信资产运营有限公司
CITIC Real Estate Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Design Company Name:北京卓杰亿品科技有限公司
Beijing Zhuojie Yipin Technology Co., Ltd.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Public facilities

Entry ID:2020-06-3098928

The client of the project is CITIC Asset Operation Co., Ltd., which is committed to commercial real estate innovation and is always looking for new service growth points. The client hopes to be able to establish contact with white-collar workers within a service range through a product to improve service quality and optimize service models. After design analysis and user research, we found that white-collar workers often face pressure in their daily work. Most of them need a separate enclosed space to ease their emotions, such as empty meeting rooms, stairs or certain corners, but these places cannot provide a comfortable environment for users to soothe emotions, and will affect daily office management. With the accumulation of stress, it will eventually damage the health of users, and the space available for free use is what they urgently need. Therefore, we decided to design a comfortable space that can be defined by users to help users get rid of stress. Through this product, we can establish a strong relationship between users and our client, so our client can directly face public users. It has brought new changes from providing real estate services for the company to directly facing the public consumers and establishing a professional image of property services.