Good Product Design Award
Seven-Axis Intelligent Cooperative Arm

Brand Name:洛阳尚奇机器人有限公司
Luoyang Shangqi Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Design Company Name:北京卓杰亿品科技有限公司
Beijing Zhuojie Yipin Technology Co., Ltd.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Manufacturing Equipment

Entry ID:2020-06-3013848

Surgical mechanical arms can help doctors reach a level of detail that the human body cannot reach. By 2021, the industry's output value will reach 11.4 billion US dollars. When the surgical robotic arm is used in conjunction with a multi-functional surgical platform, surgical planning software and positioning equipment, a remote surgical system becomes possible. It can provide powerful support for doctors when treating patients at ultra long distances. However, because most of the mechanical arms on the market cannot meet the strict standards of medical devices, the surface shell is not insulated, is not easy to clean, and is expensive, the application of medical mechanical arms is relatively slow. After years of research, Harbin Sunkey Robot Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a high-precision motor. The cost of the new motor is about 50% of the cost of existing motors on the market. Combining the above reasons, we decided to design a new type of high-quality mechanical arm to meet the needs of medical equipment, easy to install and maintain, and maintain the market price advantage.