Good Product Design Award
Robin C DSA

Brand Name:乐普(北京)医疗装备有限公司
Lepu (Beijing) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Design Company Name:北京卓杰亿品科技有限公司
Beijing Zhuojie Yipin Technology Co., Ltd.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Manufacturing Equipment

Entry ID:2020-06-3033612

The design goal of Robin C DSA is to upgrade the original equipment. At the same time, the additional design needs of the product are to find a balance between improving competitiveness and maintaining cost budgets. The previous generation of Lepu DSA was launched 5 years ago. At present, this product is facing competition from domestic and foreign brands, and the biggest advantage is high cost performance. Therefore, in addition to technological upgrades, we need to innovate the user experience part of the product so that the product can bring a good experience for both doctors and patients. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the cost of products so that they always maintain a competitive advantage. Through user experience and design analysis, we will ultimately determine the direction of improvement in three aspects: redesigning the top line of the product, creating a new anti-collision system, and optimizing the doctor's operating site. Redesign the top bonding line of the product: Due to the size and hardware limitations, the bonding line across the product needs to be left for the two parts to be assembled. The huge gap will give users a sense of tension. Through optimization, we introduced light strips on the top to create a soft lighting environment, so as to ease the user's mood. New anti-collision system: The original anti-collision system was a spring-connected carbon fiber plate. When the patient touches the plate, the device will automatically stop for the safety of the user. In some cases, the patient's body will be squeezed by the plate, causing the patient to be injured. We used the material properties of silicone to cover the gap between the spring and the carbon fiber sheet. While satisfying the function, the safety of the patient is improved. Doctor's operation part: There are slide rails and quick locks under the doctor's operation table, which is convenient for the doctor to adjust according to different patients.