Award Nominations
Horizontal line (modular flat rack)

Brand Name:Shih Chien University

Design Company Name:Shih Chien University

Nationality / Region:中国台湾

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-06-3022545

For users of small-sized residences, the multi-functional and personalized design of the furniture is deeply loved by them. The multi-functional furniture design can not only realize the rational layout of the space, but also make appropriate adjustments according to the needs of the user space. Especially for young consumers, they are very keen on personalized products. Based on this background status, the creators created this theme. The overall shape of this rack is flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. The size of the shelf shelf, the height of the shelf, and the shape of the shelf can be rationally matched according to the size of the space and the function needs, and can be combined into Shelf, coffee table, flower stand, side table, book shelf, etc. Has very strong practical functions. And the installation process is also very simple. The assembly can be done by hand without the aid of tools. Flat packaging greatly reduces product transportation costs. Through the presentation of daily household products, the tenon and mortise culture was well communicated to the public.