Gold Award for the Best Appearance Design
Tonal Strength Training System

Brand Name:维普索创新设计咨询
Whipsaw, Inc.

Design Company Name:维普索创新设计咨询
Whipsaw, Inc.

Nationality / Region:US

Entry Category:Product Group Sports and Healthcare

Entry ID:2020-06-3099023

Tonal’s overall layout is groundbreaking. It attaches to any wall via a simple bracket. Its unique twin arm configuration accommodates literally every type of workout you can find in a gym. A pair of independently moving arms pivot out on vertical columns and move up or down to accommodate your workout. Sensors control the weight resistance and respond automatically. Struggling to complete a rep? Tonal will spot you. Tonal's large display presents interactive video workouts with live coaching. When not in use the arms tuck neatly behind it and the whole thing transforms into a simple black slab like a TV hanging on the wall. It's always there to remind you to work out, but it's not a contraption. It's elegant and clean and it fits anywhere. Every detail on Tonal has been designed for intuitive and delightful use. The 23" touch display presents all controls in a beautiful graphical interface. Tonal features interactive video workouts: live/personalized coaching, valuable exercise instruction, encouragement, and social engagement. Tonal’s design delivers a completely new aesthetic to this space. It incorporates a software-controlled electromagnetic resistance engine, whereas every other strength training system uses weights or pneumatics to provide resistance. This translates to a unique architecture and iconic form factor. Tonal is a thoroughly disruptive design: there is NOTHING similar on the market. All strength training systems use weights or pneumatics to provide resistance. Tonal incorporates an utterly futuristic, software-controlled electromagnetic resistance engine that obsoletes everything else.