Award Nominations
wooden interest

Brand Name:Shih Chien University

Design Company Name:Shih Chien University

Nationality / Region:中国台湾

Entry Category:Concept Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-07-0114274

From the creation to the design theme of the leisure chair, the light and comfortable leisure chair can make people's busy work rhythm become more natural and soothing. And the application scene can be used in the living room, study, bedroom can also be used outdoors. Therefore, the comfort and portability of the chair are the main considerations for this creation. The overall design is dominated by lines, and gradients are used at the beginning and end of the lines to make the overall chair lighter visually. The chair foot adopts the form of crossing each other front and back and left and right symmetry, the shape is more novel. In order to increase the comfort of the chair surface and easy folding considerations, the seat surface is made of linen, and the surface is decorated with geometric patterns, which can have different color combinations. Linen has good breathability and wear resistance. In addition, the texture of linen is relatively gentle, it has very good elasticity when contacted, and it is easy to clean. In terms of details, the pin structure at the end of the cross brace forms a whole with the cross brace, which weakens its styling characteristics as a connector and makes the overall styling more concise.