Award Nominations
Forge Ahea

Brand Name:SenseTeam

Design Company Name:SenseTeam

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Communication Design

Entry ID:2020-07-0118535

Creative core insight The core concept of Shenzhen Fashion Week is "fashion, never stop". We hope to build brand image in a dynamic way and transmit the brand spirit of continuous innovation dynamically. Models are the spokesmen of fashion. We use the image of models as the subject of visual expression to present the brand attitude in an intuitive way. Execution strategy We take the model walk dynamic, the composition has the rhythm feeling dynamic LOGO. In terms of design methods, the invariable form was abandoned, and the first letter SZFW of Shenzhen Fashion Week was extracted to form the body of the model. "S" and "Z" were imagined as swinging arms in human form, while "F" and "W" were constantly moving steps, conveying the brand concept of "fashion, never stop" of Shenzhen Fashion Week. Dynamic logos give rise to "model fonts", which form a complete set of fonts including letters, Numbers and punctuation. At the same time, dynamic graphics and videos are used to demonstrate the rich brand connotation, making the brand image more intuitive and fresh. Project Effect Description 1. Relying on the LOGO of Shenzhen Fashion Week, we have created a complete set of brand visual management system, covering various levels of basic vision, video, website, print, identification system and environmental system. Through repeated and continuous multiple forms in time and space, a compelling visual language is created. 2. Gained extensive attention for Shenzhen Fashion Week through visual language, created city-level hot topics, and aroused more than 290,000 topic attentions. Realizing multi-dimensional and multi-platform matrix communication, it has driven more than 130 media reports and created more than 600,000 media attention. To promote the public attention and awareness of the field of fashion. 3. Faithfully present the brand strategic positioning of Shenzhen Fashion Week, convey unique brand temperament, and improve brand recognition, recognition and memory.