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Volkswagen ID Vision Shanghai 2040

Brand Name:Sidharth gulati

Design Company Name:Sidharth gulati

Nationality / Region:India

Entry Category:Product Group Transportation Means

Entry ID:2020-07-0176728

Automotive sector has more significance in developing nations because of fewer other revenue generating sectors available to people and government. And it contributes more to GDP and helps in improving standard of living of its people. China is seen as the biggest automotive market to the manufactures because of higher stature of cars in its culture and world’s best infrastructure for buyers to enjoy. However, the Chinese market is seeing a shift due to following factors • Increasing number of companies and maturing markets. • Increase in young buyers who prefer second hand cars due to surplus supply in market. • Changing policies to promote electric vehicles and needs for connectivity by consumer. Therefore, the industry is trying to gauge future of mobility by understanding upcoming trends in Chinese automotive market and ways to make revenues in world’s largest market. On the whole, cars offers practicality to people but more importantly it is recognized as a symbol of economic success, social acceptance particularly in cities like Shanghai, where it allows people to express their personality. However, the financial and innovation hub of country is facing a problem due to maxed out capacity to hold people and millions of them traveling from suburbs to work are causing congestion and pollution from vehicles. This requires a multimodal infrastructure for upcoming future needs in 2040. Developing suburbs and rural areas into self sufficient resources would help decongest the cities as it is much more easier than redeveloping the whole city. In 2040 people would rely more on services rather than owning and technology would allow people to work, network and collaborate according to places of their choice. However, the growing ageing population, decline in fertility rates and sex ratio causes a challenge on society interims of family life where people struggle to find meaning of their existence. On the other side, ongoing development of artificial intelligence has allowed the Government of China to develop a social credit system where people are ranked according to their habits, trends and behaviours. According to Government, this system would create a social stability and allow states to control people but people will freedom of expression as every step in their lives would be tracked. Hence, Mobility in Shanghai 2040 would be an extension of people’s personality and expression which would be personalized according to commuters using a shared platform.. With aim to provide an outlook of what autonomous mobility can offer its users in future and in how it can become part of their everyday lifestyle. Providing personalized solutions to the user while companies like Volkswagen continue to earn by renting out drivetrain platform when needed by the user. Thus, making mobility a part of house interior design