Award Nominations
2000-Watt Inverter Generator

Brand Name:台州旗鱼工业设计有限公司

Design Company Name:台州旗鱼工业设计有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Manufacturing Equipment

Entry ID:2020-04-3087415

1. Inverter technology, more stable current output. 2. The left and right panels can be disassembled to facilitate maintenance, and different panels can be developed according to different needs. 3. Good ventilation effect, quiet design, noise generated by 7 meters is 59 DBA, 20% less than similar products, German TUV certification products. 4. Frame design to improve structural strength. 5. Tool sense appearance and round shape can protect users from injury and have more affinity when using. X-shaped features, strong style recognition. 6. The handle is embedded with rubber parts, giving consideration to aesthetic feeling and hand feeling. 7. Energy saving and environmental protection, stronger endurance.