Award Nominations
Superficial vein imaging instrument

Brand Name:无锡一加一工业设计有限公司

Design Company Name:创一度品牌设计顾问有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Manufacturing Equipment

Entry ID:2020-07-0184724

The structural design solves the problem that the lens rotation and the screen lifting can be synchronized, and the patients on both sides of the bed can be used only by rotating the support arm. The lens and arm can be rotated 270 degrees and the display screen is pushed up and down to facilitate the operation of medical staff, quickly find the injection vein, and reduce patient pain. This is this medical product, so the materials selected meet the medical and health standards and can be recycled, with a long service life. The processing technology adopted is based on the concept of environmental protection. This is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics. The overall shape of the product uses a non-chamfered curve, which is round and friendly, reducing its aggressiveness. The overall color is white with medical attributes and dark gray embellishment colors, reflecting the professionalism of the product.