Award Nominations
Safe crosswalk

Brand Name:李振戬

Design Company Name:李振戬

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Public facilities

Entry ID:2020-05-0114851

Crosswalk is aimed to keep safety of pedestrian when they cross the road.Due to low visibility, traffic accidents occur frequently in night, downpour, heavy fog or great snow.Because of the low visibility of weather conditions, the elderly with mobility difficulties, slow-moving pregnant women and people with their head buried in cellphone, which make pedestrian crossing a dangerous place.These are the reasons why we propose the concept of Intelligent safe-crosswalk captures information about your location.When pedestrian have one foot in cross walk, the light of LED will follow the routine of them.Drivers on both sides of the vehicle could judge the location of pedestrian on account of LED lighting even in the weather of heavy fog or dim light of night.Even though the elderly with mobility difficulties and slow-moving pregnant women could not get across the road in stipulated time, LED light would turn on to flicker in order to remind drivers on both sides of the vehicle that pedestrian are passing the cross walk. This condition would last until pedestrian pass the road.