Good Product Design Award

Brand Name:特步(中国)有限公司

Design Company Name:特步(中国)有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Culture and Creativity

Entry ID:2020-05-0237903

while only a fraction of them can be recycled. Under this circumstance, “Terminate Pollution of Plastic Waste” becomes the goal of Xtep, and eco-products with high performance are created for runners. Environmental sustainability has become the important theme in 2020, and consumers will reconsider the relationship between products and themselves, focusing more on renewable consumption and these become Xtep’s solid momentum to explore sustainable future in sport industry. Innovations epitomize our range. One is with the bold use of renewable materials, commercial eco-products can be created. The idea of recycling is being pushed to recraft our products in order to help reduce plastic waste which is very revolutionary. And the second innovation embodies its unique function of 24/7 protection. By using updated, performance-enhanced fabric and making procedure that integrate innovative technology and cutting-edge design, this range can provide an outstanding functional solution to satisfy runners' needs. Considering the distribution of human’s sweat zones with aerodynamics, a 360-degree temperature control and perspiration system is designed for runners. Meanwhile, special fabric that is adhered with a breathable weatherproof film as well as self-adaptive fiber helps increase breathability while locking in the temperature, helps runners’ body maintain thermostatic control. To create an all-day defense running gear and satisfy runners’ need in dealing with various weather and environmental conditions. Sport protection is equipped to our eco-products.