Award Nominations
HUHU-Electric Toy Carriage Car

Brand Name:深圳市全天下科技有限公司

Design Company Name:深圳市叁叁玖设计有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-05-1219570

Children's smart luggage, to solve the difficulties of parent-child travel pain point. Traditional luggage can only be dragged on flat ground. Families are tired from carrying luggage and even lose their luggage in a hurry, so there is little security for travelling. Children's luggage does not need parents to carry luggage, but can also bear 3-12-year-old children safe riding, with hold alarm and AI communication and other advanced functions, while both automatic follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance function; also can be operated remotely to enhance security. The intelligent follow suitcase uses the technology of "internet + GPS" , which integrates the functions of automatic follow, walking assistance, one-button recall and so on. It is equipped with the functions of unlocking the mobile phone, positioning and navigation, tracking and other anti-loss functions to effectively escort the travelers. Under the premise of guaranteeing the life and travel function of luggage and bag, the intellectualization of luggage and bag is realized. For Different use environment, there are automatic follow, power walking and other functions to provide power mode.