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Brand Name:深圳市奇异果创想科技有限公司

Design Company Name:深圳市奇异果创想科技有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Transportation Means

Entry ID:2020-05-1992117

Electric vehicles are more and more accepted by the public because of their advantages of fast, convenient, green and environmental protection. In order to facilitate the carrying and storage of electric vehicles, a large number of foldable electric vehicles have appeared on the market. These electric vehicles are compact and easy to carry Solved the problems of carrying and storing electric vehicles. However, the folded electric vehicle still has the following problems: the folded electric vehicle cannot be driven on the road and still needs to be carried by the user. The purpose of 2-WAY is to provide a vehicle balancing tilt mechanism and a deployable balance car with a front suspension shock absorber. The vehicle balance tilt mechanism can effectively ensure the stability of the vehicle during rapid steering; It can effectively dampen electric vehicles, bicycles or balanced vehicles; expandable balanced vehicles can effectively ensure the stability of riding, and can realize the conversion between ordinary electric vehicles and balanced vehicles.