Award Nominations
An Integrated Squatting/Sitting Duel Use Toilet and Waterless Disposal System for rural area

Brand Name:江苏朗逸环保科技有限公司

Design Company Name:清华大学

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-05-1961594

An household waterless toilet for the Chinese countryside families who have elderly people. This toilet has squatting and sitting duel functions plus the human waste collection and reclamation disposal system, applied in the water-deficient area or the area without sewage system , like rural area in Western China. The gray surface is resistant to dirt and scratches in the rural environment. The overall shape is designed to be full and round, and it also looks more durable. The complete appearance and good sealing keep it clean at all times, bringing users a better experience. The position for raising the toilet is designed on the left and right sides, so that it is not easy to soil your hands and the force is reasonable. The line between the foot pedal and the squatting pan can prevent the overflow of sewage. The combination of squatting and sitting is consistent and does not conflict. The two functions are balanced and can meet the needs of two types of users.