Award Nominations
Reed Smart Light Pole

Brand Name:同辉电子科技股份有限公司

Design Company Name:同辉电子科技股份有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Public facilities

Entry ID:2020-05-2653998

"Reed Smart Light Pole" is based on the severity of the new coronary pneumonia and the era of the construction of the Xiong'an Smart City. It mainly aims at the mobility and complexity of outdoor crowds, and carries out innovative product design. The product can perform light spray disinfection and real-time body temperature detection on the human body. Through the background, you can view the temperature status of the human population and suspected cases of pneumonia in real time in the region and the world, and fully detect and prevent the epidemic. The "Reed Wisdom Light Pole" has a geographical distribution of 30-50m and is equipped with garbage bins to facilitate the timely removal of waste objects such as waste masks. The main application scenarios are crowded activity areas such as parks, industrial parks, and squares. The abstract shape reflects the regional cultural characteristics of Xiong'an and the modern design style of the smart city.