Award Nominations
《Lost friends》-“healing the world”Designer toy design

Brand Name:王雨辰

Design Company Name:王雨辰

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Concept Group Communication Design

Entry ID:2020-05-2612079

In the 21st century, the earth's ecology is seriously overdrawn, and people are also shrouded in the panic of the global epidemic. At this moment, our society needs the strength of designers more than ever before. The original inspiration of this series of designer toys came from a pioneering penguin in Antarctica, which shocked me a lot. Later, I began to conduct further research on the severity of greenhouse effect through documentary, news report and other channels, presenting the tragedies at the two poles in a specific way, and named them "lost friends". In addition to the surface design, the more important thing is the public welfare propaganda that it carries. Behind the lovely and relaxed tide play is a series of tragedies caused by environmental destruction. I hope that through the "tide play" as a high heat carrier, one tide play one story, more people will pay attention to environmental protection and wildlife protection.