Good Product Design Award
P.T Starlink PowerTRONEX X1

Brand Name:法曼(上海)科技有限公司
Faman (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Design Company Name:法曼(上海)科技有限公司
Faman (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Information Processing

Entry ID:2020-03-1866732

P.T Starlink PowerTRONEX X1 is a high quality multi-functional power bank with a built-in folding charging power plug and a Type-C cable. It is fully compatible with various fast charging specifications. Its 18W max output makes it quickly charge phones, and can work as an emergency power supply for a laptop with Type C interface as well. It comes in an oval shape and coated with a touch friendly exterior coating to provide a touch of comfort when holding it. The device adopts a touch sensor as power-on switch. The functions resulted in the designing of a unique light strip as a power indicator; red indicates dissipating power and blue indicates available power in the battery. As the power changes, the light shines wholly but in a gradual changing color which shows vividly the power left in an interesting and beautiful way. The changing state of the light strip fits with ancient oriental philosophies of harmony. The PowerTRONEX X1 comes with a small light on the base, this small light will come on when the power plug is rotated, this enhance user experience when plugging the device into a power point in low light condition. Awarded as GOLD WINNER 2019 of Contemporary Good Design, Red Dot Winner and A’Design Award Silver Winner, the core concept of the product is to bring the users with utility and a unique experience. We aim to find a proper way to fuse the functions so that the users could bring less product with them to charge. It's strong but simple, also it helps with a minimalist lifestyle. With the effort of the teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the product was accomplished successfully.