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Baby walker

Brand Name:邢台培博斯儿童玩具与上海冰清工业产品设计有限公司

Design Company Name:上海冰清工业产品设计有限公司

Nationality / Region:中国

Entry Category:Product Group Home Life

Entry ID:2020-03-2782391

1. It is a fashion product of green design. Liberated mother's hands. It solves the problem that the time to buy three cars is shorter, the cost of purchase is higher, and the space is larger. It is the first choice of spicy mom. 2. The purpose of the appearance design product is green design: the appearance design product is used for children's entertainment and play such as learning to walk, helping to walk, riding, and treading. The selling point of the design is to integrate the design of three cars into one car without adding extra parts. It is just a part of one car. After the design, three toy cars can be converted for use and play. Three states are used for children to use and play at different ages. So it is a model of green design. By the end of 2019, the design has been completed, and the current popular new products have been launched in March 2020. 3. The starting point of design is green concept. Walking bike is a kind of stroller. It is a substitute tool for babies before they can walk. Its main function is to help babies to exercise passively to practice walking. When the baby grows up, parents need to buy a walking car to let the baby practice walking. I can walk and buy children's taxis for children to play. Later, we also need to buy scooters for children to play with. As a result, there are many cars in the house, and the occupied space is large. In order to solve the above problems, our design innovation provides a kind of children's multi-functional walking car. The design and cost of one car can be converted into three cars mentioned above without increasing the cost. So it's environmental design. 4. , solved social problems: in view of the shortcomings of the existing products, the utility model provides a children's multi-functional walking car, when infants can't walk, they need to use the walking car to practice stepping and body coordination. When learning to walk for a long time, we need to use a more convenient walking cart to practice. A scooter that can walk. This design solves the problem that the time of using three vehicles is short, the cost of purchasing is large, and the space is large. And free mom's hands. And equipped with intelligent early education system, entertainment and enlightenment are not wrong. English, story, nursery rhyme, etc, 5. The integrated innovative thinking in appearance is green thinking. At present, it is the only multi-functional green design multi-functional scooter in the market. 6. The innovation at the structural level is green design. It puts forward the three in one function of changing structure that is not available in the industry. It is the changing of three children's cars: Children's scooter, children's walking bike and children's scooter when the product has no spare parts removed. Industry innovation products. The utility model for structural transformation and the patent for overall appearance have been applied. 7. (obtained two patents of design and utility model, which are the emerging and pillar industries of Xingtai, Hebei Province) the acceptance numbers of utility model patent and appearance patent are 2020249886.4 and 201930576729.7 respectively 8, advanced: (by the toy industry domestic and foreign, investigation and research and patent application, our company and the client company unanimously recognized that it is advanced internationally and domestically. This design is a new design category in the children's Walker industry. Both appearance and structure are unique designs and integrated green designs. At present, the sales volume is in the forefront of the industry. 9. This design is a new mode. It's designed by Bingqing company, produced by the client company in partnership, and it's a product jointly held by Bingqing company. It owns the patent of the product and the profit of after-sale dividend. It is the application and practice of new industrial design mode. It's a new income model after sleeping.