Sqwirl Hand bag and accessories

Sqwirl Hand bag and accessories
品 牌 方:OHM Industrial designers, inc
设 计 方:OHM Industrial designers, inc
作 品 I D:2023-05-3172356
The Sqwirl Carry Set is a fashionable, ethical, and environmentally responsible solution for organizing and transporting personal and professional items. It promotes animal rights by using a sustainable wood-based material instead of animal skin or petroleum-based vegan leather. The set's design emphasizes organization, providing easy access and visual checks for essential belongings. It offers a comprehensive and conscious alternative to traditional carry options. The Sqwirl Carry Set is a practical and lightweight solution that consolidates all essential items in one place. It includes a messenger bag, wallet, key pouch, phone pocket, and a folder for papers. With three convenient pockets and an additional accessory bag, it offers easy organization and quick access to everyday items. The set is designed to be portable and functional, accommodating a MacBook Pro 16 Reflecting form beauty, function beauty, material beauty, craft beauty, and technology beauty in design aesthetics, the Sqwirl Carry Set achieves a harmonious balance of visual appeal, functionality, high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative technology. Form beauty: The design of the Sqwirl Carry Set showcases an understated and minimalist aesthetic that places emphasis on clean lines, balanced proportions, and simplicity. Function beauty: The design of the Sqwirl Carry Set not only focuses on aesthetics but also prioritizes functionality. Each component of the set, including the messenger bag, wallet, key pouch, and accessory bag, is carefully designed to fulfill specific purposes and meet the practical needs of users. The layout of pockets and compartments ensures convenient organization and easy access to belongings. Material beauty: The Sqwirl Carry Set embraces material beauty by utilizing a sustainable wood-based material as an ethical and environmentally responsible alternative to animal-derived or petroleum-based materials. A material that develops it’s own unique character over time with wrinkles and wear marks with use. The choice of this renewable resource adds a natural and warm aesthetic element to the design, enhancing the overall appeal of the set. Craft beauty: The Sqwirl Carry Set attempts to show craft beauty through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.. The lacing technique used instead of traditional sewing adds a distinctive touch, showcasing the skillful human handiwork involved in the production process. The careful assembly and construction ensure durability and longevity, contributing to the overall quality and beauty of the set. Technology beauty: The design of the Sqwirl Carry Set incorporates technological beauty by utilizing innovative but commonly found manufacturing techniques. Methods such as die cutting, laser cutting, and lacing with paracord showcase simple production technology, resulting in precise and efficient manufacturing processes. The integration of these technologies demonstrates a forward-thinking approach and adds a modern and contemporary aesthetic element to the design and craft of the set. The Sqwirl Carry Set has cultural value as it promotes ethical and sustainable choices in personal carry items. By offering an alternative to animal-based and petroleum-derived materials, it empowers individuals to express their support for animal rights and environmental responsibility. The set challenges traditional notions of fashion by combining aesthetics with ethical considerations, fostering conscious consumption and cultural dialogue. The Sqwirl Carry Set, made of paper, offers an additional beneficial cultural value by providing the ability to customize it with ink or paint. This customization option allows individuals to express their creativity and personal style, turning the set into a unique and personalized statement piece. It encourages artistic self-expression, fostering a sense of individuality and cultural diversity within the user community. Safety: The Sqwirl Carry Set prioritizes safety by using sustainable and non-toxic materials. The wood-based material eliminates the use of harmful chemicals found in traditional leather or petroleum-based vegan leather. This ensures that the set is free from potential hazards associated with toxic substances. Health: The choice of materials in the Sqwirl Carry Set promotes health and well-being. By using a renewable resource and avoiding animal-derived materials, it eliminates the potential health risks associated with allergens or sensitivities related to leather products. Additionally, the lightweight design of the set reduces strain on the body, promoting ergonomic comfort during use. Ease of Use: The Sqwirl Carry Set is designed with user convenience in mind. It offers a complete carrying system, consolidating personal items into one organized set. The carefully designed pockets and compartments provide easy access and visibility to belongings, allowing users to quickly locate and retrieve their essentials. The adjustable shoulder strap offers flexibility for comfortable carrying, adapting to individual preferences. The lightweight nature of the set adds to its ease of use, making it effortless to carry throughout the day. Overall, the Sqwirl Carry Set ensures safety by utilizing non-toxic materials, promotes health through its choice of sustainable and allergen-free materials, and offers a user-friendly experience with its thoughtfully designed organization and ergonomic features.